Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 17, 2013

Here’s your ticket, sir. We’ll be annoying you in due course.

The WA Museum and the Art Gallery have introduced a new ticketing scheme. Maybe you’ve seen something like it in your own area.

It may still be possible to walk in and buy a ticket for an exhibition on a whim – but they would appear to discourage it strongly. The first preference is for patrons to go online and buy from the Ticketek website. The site requests an entry time – do you intend to arrive between 10AM and 11AM, 11AM and 12 noon, and so on. This supposedly ensures a smoother flow into the exhibition, so everyone can walk around and scrutinise with comfort.

Two problems with that.

First – so far as I can tell, there is no limit set for any arrival time. If 300 people are already booked to arrive between 10 and 11, there’s no warning message in the menu. Possibly a warning appears once that time is chosen. But a wiser setup would advise people before they chose a time, no?

Second – there’s no limit on your stay once you’re inside. You might arrive at 11:15 and find that 280 of the 300 people who arrived the hour before are still there.

A ticket selling system that offers dubious benefits to art lovers. The Gallery and Museum, on the other hand, get contact details for their database.

A nice fat list of email addresses across which to scatter spa – sorry, promotional messages. That seems to be the real purpose of this exercise.

I submitted to the procedure to visit an exhibition of ancient Egyptian relics a couple of months ago, but found the actual viewing experience no different to previous visits. Smooth flow of guests my arse.

When I tried to buy a ticket for the Art Gallery’s latest Museum of Modern Art show I baulked and said no thanks. Maybe that was an overreaction but I didn’t care enough for Van Gogh and Co that I was going to go through that rigmarole again; particularly when there was nothing in it for me.

And it appears that I wasn’t alone in that.

THE Art Gallery of WA has cut short what was to be a six-exhibition series from The Museum of Modern Art in New York… increased insurance costs and reduced revenue from ticket sales had made the remaining exhibitions commercially unviable.

Reduced ticket sales?

Revenge of Perth’s pissed off aesthetes?



  1. “new ticketing scheme” defined: A Circle Jerk.

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