Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 16, 2013

O’Toole. Laughlin. And the third name in the celebrity decease triad will be…?

Just a few hours after we lost Peter O’Toole, word came that Billy Jack star Tom Laughlin had also passed away. Rest In Peace, gentlemen.

But for us left behind, the question cannot be avoided. Who’s next?

My pick, and I’m not being at all parochial here, is Barry Humphries.

Dame Edna

I have no inside info on Barry’s health, but he is agewise not too far behind Tom and Peter. All it takes is a dodgy ticker…  nothing unusual when you’re nearly 80… a man switches on the news… sees the main story… ‘Cripes! They were practically the same age as ME! Ooooerrrrr…’


No animus is intended toward Mr Humphries.

Feel free to name your own choices in the comments.



  1. We’ve got a fourth – Joan Fontaine, 96.

    • Well, then, that’s the three. Barry’s off the hook.

      • Either that, or we’re waiting for 2 more?!

        • Aaahh… there’s an idea.

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