Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 16, 2013

Christmas parcels and pin ups.

I promised you an eclectic range of posts this week. You can’t accuse me of failure on that score.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced today that another contingent of Australian troops would be home from Afghanistan for Christmas. Great news.

There are a few hundred remaining in-country as part of Operation Slipper. I doubt that my parcels will arrive in time to be opened on Christmas Day but they should help brighten up the new year.

Once again I was fortunate enough to receive some donations. The manager at my local corner store contributed $100 worth of sweets – and a lovely lady named Selina donated some of her manly soaps.

Soap for the troops

Kentish Rain and Spiced Mahogany will have the troops clean and fresh when they open the 2014 Pin Ups For Vets Calendar. Here’s a few pin ups stopping traffic at the Los Angeles Veterans Hospital…

PUFV LA visit Dec 2013From left to right: Leah, Dianna, Simone, Jennifer, Miss President herself Gina Elise, Leeann, Kelli and Kaite.

My inner voice says, Collect the whole set!

The good folks at OSK are very helpful with advice on what’s in and what’s not in for parcels to the troops. I didn’t check for this item, but I can’t imagine that it would breach regulations.

I'm sure someone in the unit needs this

I sent it with a note that read ‘I’m sure someone in the unit needs this. Probably one of the officers.’


  1. Spot on, my good fellow.

  2. Was using the I.E. Browser, for the first post AND was going to type additionally, but Bill of 160 I.Q. Gates from what I understand, just stopped. Dead. No ‘typee’, no further.

    I do not understand how or why a fellow with that kind of I.Q. must supplement his “borrowed” idea for a browser with 873,000 and counting, fixes, patches and Oh Damns, can become a billionaire on the planet. Guess the preceding says more about ME, then/than (pick one) him eh?

    A very fine group of the female species, I must say.

    OH, umm, the teething/sucking ring, a hoot. But uhh, given to the wrong bloke..Oh-Oh. 🙂

  3. As a test, I see my Google browser, lets me type again.

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    A mighty fine bloke, this Greg fellow is..

  5. Gosh, Google even allowed me to Re-blog, Billy Gates! May shame you a bit more, with my Firefox Browser..

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