Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 15, 2013


Alex, aka sundaysunset, has produced some of the best photos of Perth that I’ve seen.

City by night

Note the photobombing pelican.

Perth sits on a very flat coastal plain between the Darling Ranges and the Indian Ocean. The view from the hills at sunset echoes John Glenn’s flight over Perth in 1962; passing overhead in  Friendship 7, Glenn dubbed Perth The City Of Lights.

Perth from the hills

The Crawley Boathouse is a mandatory subject for anyone in Perth who picks up a camera. I’ve featured it here before.

Alex paid his visit at night and caught yet another mood of the old shed.

The Blue Boathouse

Since I lost my car I haven’t been to the beach very often, and frankly I’d avoid it most of the time even if I did have wheels. I liked to sit on the beach up at Whitfords in August, when I could have the beach almost entirely to myself. But that area’s been heavily built upon now and winter is probably as busy as summer.

All Hail the Beach

So I’ll look at this and pretend…

Perth from the west side, in Kings Park. Drool and be envious.

Drooll and be envious

When I first saw this pic, I thought Well, it’s time to close the shop. The aliens from Dimension X are opening the portal and they’ll be here any minute now to enslave us and/or eat our brains.

But my amusement was swept away in a flash when I realised the true significance of the image.

The question we’ve debated for millennia has now been answered.

God is a woman

God is a woman.

And on that note…


The full range of the sundaysunset collection is found here.


  1. Great work Greg. It is easy to see why you love that city. Lost your car? Now loosing Internet? Well, I have given car and TV up [the latter 13 years ago] and never want it on my habitat again. IkeJ

    • I haven’t been a fan of tv for many years, although lately a few programs have caught my interest: Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire. Not losing the internet so much as giving it a rest while I’m out of town. I could give the internet cafes some business but I’d prefer to give the eyes and brain a complete vacation.

      • Enjoy!

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