Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 15, 2013

Other People’s Pictures, December 2013.

Santa would be one hell of a cool bastard if he did the deliveries on this.

57 chevy mc

And there’d be no more reindeer crap to clean off the roof, either.

Ten days to go! The Christ child will soon be with us.
The Antichrist child however is already escaping the crib.

MJ demon baby

When geneticists get together with record company executives the inevitable result is hellspawn. And some of the tributes to the former President of South Africa have been more than a little on the tacky side too.


But here for the ladies is a man still very much alive.

Shirtless Sean

Greenoids and environmentals usually see Gaia as either bountiful or vengeful. Being rather humourless themselves, it wouldn’t occur to them that the old tart might enjoy the occasional practical joke.

Dog got dicked over

There’s one dog who’s been dicked over for sure.

From the ancient year of 1974: Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs issued an album with a plain black cover. But inside the gatefold…

more arse than class

Well, they say we Aussies have a knack for direct speech.

Last in the selection is a find exquisitely correct in every way. How could I not motivator it?


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