Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 9, 2013

“… and boy, does their agenda reek of Trojan Horse.”

Dr Peter Phelps is a member of the NSW government. Which is Liberal. Which in Australia means conservative. Well, I’ve done that joke to death already…

Dr Phelps – no relation – speaks very directly for someone in the politics game.

There are three categories of rights: real rights, corollary rights and bullshit rights. 

 Real rights are the three great natural law right: Life, Liberty and Ownership.

 Corollary rights are those rights which flow from, or are needed to give effect to, real rights.

And bullshit rights are as the name would imply. They are policy prescriptions masquerading as rights. How can you spot these? Simple. Ask yourself: “If there was no government, no society, would I be able to claim and enforce these rights?”

 For example: the right to own the firewood that you chop down from the forest is a real right. The ‘right to clean water’ from the stream which runs through is, although desirable, unenforceable. How are you going to tell the Earth to stop leaching lead and antimony into the water?

Doc P was moved to meditate along these lines by a pamphlet handed to him at a baseball game. Read on here.


  1. And, the winning comment/question IS: What about the right to eternal rainbows and fairy dust in fifteen flavours?

    Runner up comment/question is: what about a right to high speed internet access?

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