Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 25, 2013

For the first time in a couple of decades, let’s hear something nice about JFK.

Actually, it’s something nice from JFK, as he welcomes Australians to the America’s Cup challenge of 1962.

Via PWAF, who has also found the President’s notes on the speech here. PWAF’s page is worth a visit for the full text of the speech in an easy to read format, and for the way he puts a bullet of his own through the conspiracy theory industry.

Despite all reasonable evidence pointing to Lee Harvey Oswald – ex-Marine, disaffected loner, Castro sympathiser and one-time Soviet defector – as the sole culprit, the Kennedy assassination remains the thinking person’s conspiracy theory…

Follow the link.

At Tim Blair’s blog, meanwhile, another Kennedy connection to The Great South Land.

Posted by Alan:

After the PT109 was sunk, Kennedy and injured crew were medivac’d to Australia for hospitalisation and rehab.

Kennedy spent several weeks in rehab at the Victoria & Albert Hotel at Mt. Victoria in the Blue Mountains.

During the war the hotel served as a rehab centre for injured servicemen including our US allies. In one of the rooms, scratched above the fireplace is a collection of initials.

One of them is JFK.

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