Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 24, 2013

Stop Googling and start Ducking.

Google’s place in the culture of the internet is deeply rooted, and we’ll probably all continue to tell someone to ‘Google it’ long after we’ve decided that Google is annoying, intrusive, and just way too interested in what we do online.

Oh, wait. We’ve decided that already.

Mickel over at Strange Cousin Susan introduced me to a new search engine yesterday: DuckDuckGo.

Interview here with the mind behind DDG, Gabriel Weinberg.

Here‘s the DDG policy on privacy. Or, rather, Google’s policy on privacy, as a means of comparison.

And their About Us video.



  1. My cousin turned me onto the Duck a couple years ago when I saw him in Chicago.

    Quack quack

    • I’m liking it.

      • Me too.

        Making the attempt to add Duck to Firefox, I sees dis:

        This is not an error page.

        “If this is your first time visiting our community platform, we promise there’s a bunch of cool stuff to see and do here. We’re just doing some things behind the scenes to make it WAY cooler. Please try again later.

        Trust me. I’m a duck.”

        So umm, now we can replace G It, with Duck It!

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