Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 23, 2013

Most awkward-making film review. EVER.

Readers, meet Kimmo Mustonenen.

He’s a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence.

No longer in rehab prison I smoked the sweet smoke, made full my flask, bought Crunch flavored Nibs and to the Cinema I skipped – happily, with a smile face.


Jennifer Lawrence.

Katniss is back, and her clothes are tightening. So are now my pants.

My love is a throbber.

How do they say ‘too much information’ in Finland?

Apparently… they don’t.

Jennifer – don’t make me crawl to “American Hustle” to see more of cleavage heaven. Come visit me in L.A. We will smoke and drink.

I will post to Facebook that we mounted (even if you wish to remain mount-free – I would happily build a house in your friend-zone… really).

Makes my obsession  my intensely respectful admiration toward Miss Scarlett Johansson seem quite civilised. Which it was. It really was! I mean, the FBI only interviewed me the once. And after the first couple of weeks they even put a mattress in the cell and turned all the lights off at 10pm.


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