Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 16, 2013

I pity the fools… on second thought…

Different people have been getting up my nose in different ways lately. One representative of a major Australian franchise has annoyed me to the point where I will be spending some time today writing to the head office. That’s a home issue; but there’s more of the same at work too. I received some damaged goods yesterday, and though the consensus was that I should just forget it…

I could have adopted a tone of polite disappointment. Polite disappointment doesn’t always work for me. Especially when general circumstances have become frustrating. The trick is to avoid abuse and name calling. Much better to adopt a slightly eccentric tone – something that will leave the recipient a little nervous and off-balance.


I am the storeman here and I have a pallet of silicon with three squashed boxes on top.

You forgot to label the pallet TOP LOAD ONLY and so naturally some featherbrain thought it was okay to drop another pallet on top!

How do these people get through school? How do they get across a busy road?

Some of the tubes have exploded and grey silicone is hanging out of them like guts! NOT what I want to see when I’m having lunch!!!

I will send you pictures if you want.

Please contact me soon as this situation is intolerabable.

TWO replies within half an hour.

Job done.

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