Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 11, 2013

When you put your hand out, you never know who will find you.

It was through Gina Elise and her Pin Ups For Vets calendar that I started sending Christmas parcels to Australian troops serving overseas. I used to be a little disappointed that I didn’t get much feedback from the soldiers – but now and then, words of gratitude come from the most unexpected sources.

I had some of my motivators printed up last year, and when the lady at the printing shop asked about them I explained my history with Gina and the packages. She in turn told me that her husband was ex-military and had served in the Middle East with the New Zealand army. While he was abroad she’d written two or three times a week; even a short letter from her was enough to give him a lift. She thanked me for doing my bit to support the troops and urged me to continue.

And today, a friend who wasn’t previously aware of the connection sent me this:

…do you know someone serving overseas or are you just sending them to random soldiers? I know how much a package can mean to a soldier serving overseas – both my kids are army and both, over the past seven years, have been deployed overseas more than several times. This will be the first time they have both been on home soil for Christmas in five years and I sent them packages on a regular basis.
They both said that sometimes getting a package made the difference between a good day and a really bad day. I hope the soldiers that get your packages have a good day that day.

Surprising how acts of kindness to strangers can touch the people you know.


  1. Surprising how acts of kindness to strangers can touch the people you know.


    • And then there’s the fun of drawing other people into the project as well. Yesterday I collected a good armful of Angry Birds Fruit Gums and Eclipse Mints from the corner store; donations from the owner.

      • Aww Right, Mate! And a fine “owner” it is.

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