Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 8, 2013

If more than five people bother to watch this, I’LL be astounded.

Richard Keddie, television producer, plans to tell the truth about Australia’s first unelected female prime minister.

“This is an incredible contemporary Australian story,” said Keddie, “and when the truth is revealed I think Australians will be astounded.”

The only reason we’d be astounded is Rachel Griffiths. Who has eagerly signed up to play the Bogan Vuvuzela, seeing her no doubt as an antipodean cross between Eva Peron and Mother Theresa. All the CGI in all the Star Wars movies combined wouldn’t be enough to make the tall lanky and attractive Ms Griffiths into the hefty, lumbering and conspicuously less attractive Ms Gillard.

Apparently this biopic is intended to be drama. Mr Keddie should start praying now to the gods of unintended consequences… if he can get them on side his ‘drama’ just might become a comedy. Yes, I’m thinking The Producers here. So bad it’s good.

Not that I hold much hope. More likely it will just be bad. Not gloriously bad, just bad. Because Keddie doesn’t have too much of a clue about his subject.

She was extraordinarily successful in her performance as a Prime Minister but not in the media. The media didn’t like her. They went after her and killed her.

The media have become Jooolya’s nemesis since she was booted out of the Lodge. Bizarre, watching all these Labor loving journos hanging her end on ‘the media’. Maybe it’s because ‘the media’ is comprised of only four syllables. Whereas ‘the thoroughly tired and disgusted citizenry’ – well, have I made my point?

Take all the money Jooolya squandered on the BER. Double it. Then treble that number.
It STILL wouldn’t be enough to make me watch this stinking pile of dross.


DVDs, five for $1 at K-Mart. Six months after the show airs.

Remember it when you’re shopping for drink coasters.


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