Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 7, 2013

Who the &#^% Did You Think Was Going to Be Paying For It?

Well said, Mr Patrick!

Content Blues

I’m hearing a lot of this from the sudden victims of Obamacare.

Most young, middle-class Americans I know are happy that millions of previously uninsured people will receive free or heavily subsidized insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

We just didn’t realize that, unless we had health insurance at work, we’d be the ones paying for it.

There’s an old axiom among con-men: you can’t cheat an honest man. An honest man knows he can’t get something for nothing, so when you offer him something for nothing, he’ll assume you’re full of it, and walk away. That’s why I ignore all those “This one weird trick will save you $58,746 dollars on your car insurance!” flash ads that appear on websites. It’s why most people never gave their bank info to that Nigerian prince.

Dishonest people, on the other hand, believe that they’re smarter than the sharpers, even…

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  1. Ditto on the “well said”, Greg.

    I do believe that the world is now saying, (exceptions, our Left and those of *similar shade ) ‘thank God’ it is the U.S. that has this foul being as its leader.

    Below, OUR “free phone lady”


    • That’s not the same lady who ‘sang’ to Governor Scott Walker, is it?

      • Uhh, no. I doubt the phone lady knows where Wisconsin is, furthermore, she could give a damn where it is.

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