Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 30, 2013

Get it for someone you want to drive out of your life. UPDATED

Breaking news:

Penguin has announced a boxed set release of Kevin Rudd’s and Julia Gillard’s biographies.
Titled, respectively, ‘I Blame Her’ And ‘I Blame Him’, they are expected to sell badly before Christmas and then sink to the bottom of the bargain bin during the Boxing Day sales.


Raving egomaniac…
Backstabbing cow…


Following its defeat at the September election, which saw its vote sink to its lowest point in a century, the ALP announced that it had embarked on a campaign to stay out of government for the next twenty-five years.
Leader Bill Shorten admitted that Labor was the natural party of opposition. ‘A party that attracts union hacks and dud lawyers and hardcore megalomaniacs is always going to have trouble dealing with reality,’ he told reporters. ‘Our best strategy is to sit it out for a generation and keep the punters amused with our endless internal vendettas.
‘What are our main assets? Quite obviously, rampant incompetence coupled to unshakeable confidence in our own superiority.
‘Government is way too hard for Labor at this current time. We’ll make an effort to reach out to Australians and learn about their needs and wants sometime around 2040. In the meantime, we’ll take the moral high ground at every opportunity and continue with our time honoured tradition of shafting each other just for the hell of it.
‘The ALP was anchored to the Opposition benches in Canberra without a break between 1949 and 1972. I’d be disappointed if we couldn’t at least match that performance.’



  1. This would be the ONLY ‘pair’ that would beat, a Royal Flush*

    *and I do not meant, the Poker type..

    btw, say this just now:
    Says you Aussies have one hell of a lot of Black Gold. Good Onya, Mate..

    • Damn it! saW not saY..

      • God Sakes! “meant”, Ima’ keyboard IDIOT, today..

        • Speaking of flushes, Tony Abbott could raise a lot of money by selling lottery tickets – the winner would have the privilege of yanking the chain.
          I’d forgotten that story about the oil discovery. Mind you, if fracking is involved it will probably be twenty years before the protesters and enviro lawyers exhaust all their options.

  2. Yeah, bet Abbott could make a pile..

    Yep, seems that we in barryland have that same FRACKING problem.

    Just did notice a saudi map at the Disclose site and saudi’s have a “Childrens Park”, right above muhammad ibn-at-it-street. Convenient for them, eh?

    • And before you know it some totally new but highly endangered species will be discovered to live only in the five square metres above the motherlode.

      • By God, you are correct. It will be the pre-historic, Koalaroo. Jumping Phascolarctos Cinereus.


    ‘Course, he’s a pommy bastard..

    • He makes a good point, though – “the renewables that Britain’s eco-radicals are promoting in fracking’s stead are leading to skyrocketing energy prices all over the rest of Europe and are losing support in the midst of these ongoing tough economic times.”
      Wind power has passed its peak of popularity here, and tidal power never really happened. Solar cells are still going on roofs but there’s active debate about their value.
      Fracking seems to have taken over from nuclear as the boogeyman. Lots of concerns about its effects on agricultural land. But hey, if money wasn’t being pissed away on giant bird-killing humming fans that are no fking good for power generation anyway half the time…
      Rant over. Amazing how that first coffee of the days makes me all articulate.

  4. Funny. But it is said that coffee is good for ya’. Real test is, after two, maybe three strongs, folks can thread sewing machines, while they’re runnin.

    Wind farms here same same. Killing bald eagles. Dolly Parton, just down the road a bit, has an eagle sanctuary. She’s not happy about those eagles being shredded and can’t blame her a bit..

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