Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 18, 2013

Thoughts On The Recent Occurrences In America

Obamacare looks very like our former government’s carbon tax legislation in that it is intended to stand as a Glowing Monument For All Eternity To Those Who Crafted It. Our new team of leaders has immediately taken up the task of reversing the obnoxious work, and we the people are right behind them.
It all looks like crap for you in the States right now. All I can say is, we went through that too – and we came out the other side.

The Camp Of The Saints

Some thoughts on the occurrences that just passed…

-First, let me note that the scarcity of posts and the drive-by nature of most of the posting I’ve done lately has been due to having a heavy work schedule and various events going on in RealWorld™ [before you ask, my health is fine].  Coupled with the disgusting behavior by The Establishment in Washington, these events have left me with some mental exhaustion [which has impeded the gathering of coherent thoughts] and a touch of the Black Dog.

The situation was not helped, of course, by the discovery that I had allowed myself to be played for a fool.  Mrs. B. has been in a bit of a funk as well, so last Saturday we ‘ran-away’ for a day, driving to the sea and enjoying it in the best way [for us] possible: sitting in two bars watching the ocean, enjoying each other’s company as…

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