Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 28, 2013

One day in September… (Updated with final score)

Queen’s Birthday holiday long weekend here in WA. Which is not the day set aside for the Queen’s Birthday holiday in the other states. And none of us take a holiday on the Queen’s real birthday. Poor woman, she must be bloody tired of getting a truckload of birthday cards week in week out.
For me, this weekend is all about Portugese spicy chicken and Breaking Bad season three. But even if you’re not a football fan, if you’re Australian you grow up with Australian Rules. It gets into your blood; it’s just like being Catholic, but with more movement and colour. Local team the Fremantle Dockers are facing up against old time Melbourne team the Hawthorn Hawks

Grand Final 2013

at the mighty MCG.


If endurance in the face of adversity counts for anything, the Fremantle Dockers deserve to win the Grand Final today. In the twenty years since the team was established the Dockers have been close to falling apart more than once. They lost 18 games in a row back in 2000-2001; to put that in perspective, an AFL season is only 22 games. But they’re a different team today. This will be Fremantle’s first Grand Final and you can bet that they’ll be hungry for a win.
For those who aren’t native to the Great South Land – this brief video will explain a few of the games basic rules.

But there are some contingencies that the rule can’t cover. This morning, just after 9, power went out across several Perth suburbs. It was restored within a couple of hours, and hasn’t gone out again – yet. Still, it was a stressful wait. I’ve long suspected that God is a practical joker; now it seems he’s a rugby fan, too. Or a Hawthorn supporter at the very least.

UPDATE – The flag goes to Hawthorn.

Final scores

The Dockers fought hard in the second half, but Hawthorn didn’t give up their early lead.

Better luck next year, Fremantle. It’s only twelve months till it all happens again.


  1. Thanks Greg, for filling us all in; really, it’s a darn good piece and more Bloggers should inform all the other nations of the big ‘local’ stuff.

    I shall have a big double, and maybe two or three more, on Queen and Country and on the Dockers.

    Have you ever in your goings about met an elderly couple Rodney and Margaret Orr? They have lived in Perth forever but travel a lot now. Off to Russia, the East, all over. I met them in a Trailer Campsite in America once in the late nineties when Rod had just retired and they came to visit me here in 2000; marvelous folks. Rod is ‘firm pro Aus Republic get the hell outa England’ sort of chap. Let me know.

    Enjoy the game. We have power cuts on a regular basis and know the mess.


    On 9/28/13, The mind is an unexplored country.

  2. I haven’t met the Orrs, Ike. They’re probably still living the grey nomad lifestyle; it’s become very popular among the older age group. Oh wait, I’m in the older age group these days…
    And sadly the Dockers won’t be bringing the flag home west. There were always going to be a lot of sozzled Freo supporters win or lose; this year, anyhow, they’ll be drinking to drown their sorrows. Check the update.

  3. To bad for the Dockers. As they say, ‘wait ’til next year’. God knows how many times, I had to say that for my dearly departed mom and her favorite team, which became mine (dad was tough, but NEVER cross mom) the old Bums as they were referred to, the Brooklyn Dodgers.

    Portuguese spicy chicken, eh?

    • Yep. Very nice. Those Portugese learnt a few tricks with spices back when they were sailing hither and yon.

      • Umm, err, in a whisper, our ahh, NSA wants to know where “hither and yon” are..

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