Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 27, 2013

To quote Stephen King…

…there are things in the corners of the world that would drive a man insane to look them right in the face.

This story has been jammed into one of those corners for fifty years.

The vile creature known as Magda Goebbels earnt her place in the black annals of human history. Down in the Berlin Bunker with Hitler and his closest followers Frau Goebbels fretted over the future that faced Germany. With the Allies closing in, she couldn’t bear the thought of her children growing up in a world without national socialism; so she did what any good mother would do. Mutti G killed her children with a combination of morphine and cyanide.

The crimes of the Nazis have mostly been attributed to men, with only a few women like Magda Goebbels highlighted for their evil work. But a new book – Hitler’s Furies: German Women In The Nazi Killing Fields by Wendy Lower – pulls the curtain back on the part played by many many women in the Nazi nightmare.


The Daily Mail in the UK presents a few examples. The story of Vera Wohlauf will suffice here.

Her specialty — or, as one survivor put it, her ‘nasty habit’ — was killing children. One observer noted that Altvater often lured children with sweets. When they came to her and opened their mouths, she shot them in the mouth with the small pistol that she kept at her side.

The author states: ‘To assume that violence is not a feminine characteristic and that women are not capable of mass murder has obvious appeal: it allows for hope that at least half the human race will not devour the other, that it will protect children and so safeguard the future. But minimising the violent behaviour of women creates a false shield.’

The term ‘motherhood statement’ no longer means what it used to.


  1. Another Queen of Death.
    ‘motherhood statement’

    Understand you are still roasting in HELL, foul being of the past! And rightfully so.

    • Before I read that article I thought Magda was as evil as women got in the Nazi world. Not so sure about that now.

  2. There were other “ladies” in the same mold, all frolicking with Satan..

    • True. I think I’ll have to buy the book, just to get some gender balance in my view of Nazis.

      • I guess that in EVIL, gender matters not.

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