Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 17, 2013

Feral Labortards II: before there was outrage, there was hubris.

Labor smashed. Seats made marginal if not lost outright.

The Greens likewise losing favour with the voters.

This is not the world the leftwits planned to inherit. As the following predictions show, Kevin Rudd’s victory in 2007 warped their vision of the future somewhat.

Tim Blair unearths Steve Biddulph’s picture of Green Socialist Utopia:

By 2014, we will have a struggle between a new left and right – Labor and Green – and the issue will be simply how green, how to balance the need for a much simpler and more communal kind of life, with the need to give people comfort and amenity now. This issue will continue to define life for the rest of this century… In a way that seems unthinkable to us now, 2007 may mark the end of the Liberal Party itself. It won’t happen overnight, but just watch it happen.

A Great South Land devoid of conservative representation. In a way that seemed unthinkable to Steve Biddulph back in 2007, 2013 might mark the end of the Labor Party itself. It won’t happen overnight but just watch it happen. And keep the popcorn handy.

On matters fiscal, the Liberals were sorely wanting. Said Steve. As he climbed right out to the end of that limb and began sawing for all he was worth.

The big lie of Liberal supremacy was economic management. In fact, they knew how to generate income, but not how to spend it. We could have been building what Europe built in this past decade – superb hospitals, bullet trains, schools and training centres, low cost public transport of luxurious quality, magnificent public housing. We pissed it all away on tax giveaways and consumer goods.

Tax giveaways and consumer goods. As opposed to ridiculously overpriced school buildings. Or $900 cheques to dead people. Steve, if you’re reading this, could you do me a favour? Predict I won’t get laid every weekend for the rest of my life. I’d really appreciate it.


On his Media Watch Dog site Gerard Henderson presents a fine collection of quotes from leftards who really believed that the Labor win had changed the nation forever.

The Coalition faces an electoral wipeout at next year’s federal election if the rebels led by Tony Abbott and Nick Minchin succeed in blocking the government’s climate change legislation…

Tony Abbott wins, by one vote – so does Kevin Rudd, by a mile. After an extraordinary week in the history of Australian politics, the Liberal Party chose a leader who will lose dozens of marginal seats. He will run a rump party, confined to political exile for a generation…

Asked what kind of leader Mr Abbott would make, Mr Hawke replied: “Temporary.”

There’s plenty more where that came from.

The fury that’s erupted since the Liberal victory becomes more comprehensible when set against this background of self-absorbed bliss. Reality kicked the leftards’ dream out from under them. The caution is there to be taken by the left and the right; Labor lost a swag of seats and had their margins trimmed in many more, but it doesn’t quite live up to the predictions of Labor Armageddon. Not quite the ‘Tarago Party’ that now sits in opposition in Queensland. Good enough nevertheless. It may not be another 23 years in federal opposition for Labor, as it was between 1949 and 1972. But it’s exceedingly difficult to imagine that anyone from the Ruddlard Era will take the keys to The Lodge.

It may be true after all that the next Labor PM HAS already been born.

If so, they’re still young enough to choose something better.


  1. Reblogged this on Andrew J. Patrick and commented:
    A reminder from the Great South Land that all political victories are temporary and contingent.

    • Thanks for the reblog. When I was reading through those ‘Goodbye Liberals’ forecasts I was reminded of incredibly wrong predictions from the past. Train travel at high speed being impossible is a favourite.
      A little skepticism helps to maintain a balanced worldview. There’s always the chance… however small… that the other guy is right.

  2. “…presents a fine collection of quotes from leftards who really believed that the Labor win had changed the nation forever” ( we were very lucky with this count …. another 3 years with this mob and the Greens would have created an unrecognisable Australia , they were on the way to desfigure the country )

    • We only have to look at Tasmania and the economic mess they’ve created there.

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