Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 16, 2013

Australia’s Labortards turn feral. What happened to ‘kinder and gentler’, children?

1975 – following the dismissal of the incompetent and arrogant Prime Minister Gough Whitlam by the Governor-General, the Australian people go to the polls. Labor suffers a crushing defeat. A small percentage of the population is sufficiently outraged by this exercise in democracy to launch a series of protests over the next few years, aimed for the most part at the Governor General and Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser.

2013 – following the replacement of the incompetent and arrogant Prime Minister Julia Gillard by the incompetent and arrogant Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, the Australian people go to the polls. Labor suffers a crushing defeat. A small percentage of the population is sufficiently outraged by this exercise in democracy to erupt with bile and venom all over the internet.

How much of that sick eruption am I going to share with you? Not much. This paragraph from Dean Bartram in The Spectator will suffice:

Andrew Bolt has already commented on the rapid appearance of hate-filled Facebook pages that sprang up post-election. Including: ‘Tony Abbott should be assassinated’ and ‘Tony Abbott should just die’. A reader of Bolt’s blog was able to track the location of the Facebook user who created the assassinate Abbott page: a trade union hall. No real surprises there. One suspects Bolt was also aware of, but too much of a gentleman to even mention, other disgraceful Facebook hate pages such as ‘Furiously Masturbating To Tony Abbott’s daughters’, or the more innocuous sounding, but equally disgusting page titled ‘Tony Abbott’s Daughters.’ Both are filled with the vilest of sexual descriptions, including incest and bestiality, depraved fantasies that seem to resonate in the souls of too many sickos on the Left.

This quote from hardcore leftoid Bob Ellis seems almost rational by comparison. Bob ventures to put words in the mouth of the new Labor leader:

This is an illegitimate government. It is an illegal government. And it will get no co-operation from us. Everything it sends to the Senate will be sent back, or put on hold, until it resigns or is removed.

Our Labortards don’t take defeat well. How they would have handled victory is better left unimagined.

Warren Mundine, former federal president of the Australian Labor Party, became a target for the frothing left when he admitted to voting for the other side. He said the Left, which had advocated against racism, had turned on him. Mundine drew epithets like ‘Uncle Tom’ and ‘coconut'(brown on the outside, white on the inside) from the same folk who insist that we should open our borders to illegal boat arrivals. The same folk who use ‘Racist!’ as their one-size-fits-all label for anyone who dissents from their views.

How surprising.

This is also the demographic that enthused over the Labor government’s plans to put a rein on free speech. Last year they stood in solidarity behind Jooolya’s ‘misogyny’ attack on Tony Abbott. Hate speech was unacceptable. They’ve now gone on to prove – inadvertently – their case with their own bucketloads of smear.

Mildly amusing that the people once so eager for censorship are now vomiting up the vilest commentary. Almost makes me wish that Conroy had got the legislation through. Double edged swords, hoist with your own petard and all that. Their retort is ‘Hey, you Liberals have slagged off Gillard and Rudd just as bad as Tony’s getting now.’ Maybe I move in the wrong circles, but I can’t recall seeing such venom directed at Labor. I freely admit to mocking the Circus of Ineptitude at any opportunity, but that’s a hell of a long way from suggesting that Rudd lusted after his kids.

Presumably there are a few adults among the left who deplore this as much as the rest of us. I wish them well. Every government, however well-intentioned, requires an intelligent opposition to keep it sharp and accountable. In his victory speech Tony Abbott pointed out that Labor had scored its lowest vote in more than a century. Labor nevertheless are talking boldly about winning power back in three or six years time. There’s equal chance of seeing the Vatican elect a black lesbian for Pope.

With Kevin lingering on in Parliament, and now even talking about wanting a third spell as PM (did he ever have a second? That’s debatable) Labor will be bound up by internal bickerings. I daresay that suits most of the old regime’s remnants. Easier to scrap like toddlers in the sandpit than to face up to uncomfortable facts. Warren Mundine has given them the signal:

Two million Labor people voted Liberal.

We’ll see how long it takes them to acknowledge it.


  1. ‘coconut’. Cute. Our lefty’s are still on the Oreo thingy. Coconut, much to sophisticated for ours tribes. Both Black and White.

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