Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 13, 2013

On The Twelfth Anniversary of September 11th



  1. Many heroes and heroines that horrible day. I say, let these maggots of islam slaughter each other to their No heart content.

    Nations saved Kuwait from being the 19th province of the dead hussein, now I read that they are, just islamic maggots, stirring up their 6-7th century hatreds.

    Betty Ong, you will always be a heroine..

    • You’ve got to wonder what it is about Islam and the Middle East that keeps the hate and killing going on for so long. Christianity went through the same phase; there’s no denying that. But we’ve mostly learnt to get along. Even in Northern Ireland.

      • True, mate.

        Have no idea what is in the mind(s) of these savages, but whatever it is, needs to be savaged. Damn shame that the P.C. and Lefty people get in the way.

        Videos and pictures of their gruesome deeds don’t faze the bastids..

  2. Kuwait Funding Muslim Brotherhood Growth in Western Mosques

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