Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 8, 2013

And now for the aftermath. Mocking Rudd diminishes only himself, while wayward Fortuna makes mock of me.

Congratulations to the former Prime Minister for maintaining, even in defeat, the childish arrogance that helped make him a former Prime Minister.

Rudd’s concession speech was so long that seventeen children (including one set of twins) were not only conceived but also delivered among his listeners. He made no reference to Tony Abbott and offered only a casual swipe to Bill Glasson, the Liberal candidate in the seat of Griffith:

It would be un-prime ministerial of me to say ‘Bill Glasson, eat your heart out’, so I won’t.

Ungracious in every move and every breath drawn. Rudd is truly a repulsive example of the species – whichever one is eventually forced to acknowledge him.

He’ll be around a while yet, if only to remind his fellow Labor MPs that without him they’d be in a far worse position. It won’t be long before they’re begging the new PM to ship Rudd off to the UN, or make him Ambassador to Antarctica. Or Ulan Bator.

Here is the situation for the House of Reps at 1pm Sunday afternoon. The Senate is not quite such a pretty picture; the leftoid elements may yet have garner enough seats to stymie the government’s plans. But in the lower house the Liberals have a comfortable majority. In his victory speech Tony Abbott advised ‘The Labor Party’s vote is at its lowest in a hundred years.’ Indeed, the citizens have had their fill of the Circus of Ineptitude.

All well and good. And yet…

As expected, Alannah MacTiernan won Perth.

I know… I couldn’t believe it either.

But, she won by a much lower margin than expected after a 0.9 per cent swing to the Liberals.

Which is a polite way of saying that a majority of voters in my electorate were still happy to get behind the photoshopped facelift candidate.


But such is life.


Ahhhh, don’t be such a sook G6. Come here and give your old Aunt Lanny a big hug!


  1. Ulan Bator. Joke in there concerning Mas..uhh Mister Rudd.

    Reading Tim earlier, noticed the Left calling for the assassination of Abbott. Nasty damn bunch they are.

    • Repulsive indeed, but I’d guess their noise exaggerates their numbers. Probably a community ten percent of what you’d expect, zipping from one fake persona to another. I recall Timbo exposed one such a few years ago – his comments on his blog basically amounted to himself talking to himself.

  2. Send that filth to Iowa, open season soon. 🙂

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