Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 7, 2013

Six years of crap government, summarised in a week.

The hallmarks of the Years of Ruddlard were all evident during the final week of the election campaign.


Craig Thomson is accused of rorting union credit cards. Jooolya declared herself young and naive when the AWU scandal first broke, but investigations are continuing. And warming up. Our first female Prime Minister might yet be our first female PM to enjoy some compulsory accommodation.
This has been the story of our Labor government.  Ready to hurl accusations and invective at their opponents, then declaring total innocence where their own dirty laundry comes to light. I’d barely hit Publish on my Kevin Rudd piece last Sunday when a man close to Treasurer Chris Bowen was named as the landlord of an illegal brothel.

What’s that smell in this room? Didn’t you notice it, Brick? Didn’t you notice a powerful and obnoxious odor of mendacity in this room?… There ain’t nothin’ more powerful than the odor of mendacity… You can smell it. It smells like death – Big Daddy, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.


Kruddfuhrer’s manners were being criticised even before he became Prime Minister. Once he was in the Lodge he had the protection of the Laborlovin’ cadre known as the Canberra Press Gallery. Eventually they couldn’t hold back the stories of Rudd’s chronic discourtesy. Even during this final week of the campaign the Ruddian arrogance was on display. Timetables are for mere mortals: Rudd arrives when Rudd is ready to arrive.
And then finds new indignities to inflict.

The true believers Mr Rudd speaks of was a group of very eager Young Labor volunteers all decked out in red ALP t-shirts. They joined the Prime Minister for his walk.
But at the end, while standing on the street, they were made to take the t-shirts off and give them back.

Rudd and his wife between them are worth a few dozens of millions of dollars…



When Kruddfuhrer replaced Jooolya in July he made a few sincere sounding noises about making politics ‘kinder and gentler’. That done he picked up right where the Red Menace had left off in the attacks upon Liberal Opposition leader Tony Abbott. He borrowed from Jooolya again, hiring some of Obama’s media strategists just as she had brought in John McTernan from the UK. A bizarre and utterly incomprehensible move. McTernan’s MO was smear and vilification; the Obamians had nothing new to offer in that respect. The tactic worked in 2012 because Mitt Romney was an unknown to most Americans. We, on the other hand, are familiar with Abbott. The continual slagging had already ceased to have an effect. If anything, it worked to Abbott’s advantage. His detractors barked themselves hoarse and he didn’t interrupt them.
And the anti-Abbottry has continued right up to close of business. Witness Abbott-Proof Fence, courtesy of the Greens Party.
(Just remember, that will be one minute and 43 seconds of your life that you’ll never get back.)
Desperation has supplanted rage. ‘Don’t give Tony Abbott absolute power,’ comes the whine from the left. Finally they sense just how deeply unpopular they are. Anna Bligh, having enjoyed absolute power in Queensland for several years, bleated for restraint at last year’s state election. Labor’s numbers were cut so badly they were only granted party status by the generosity of the new Liberal administration.
Labor and the left are begging for mercy. They may retain control of the Senate, owing to the complex preference deals between the assorted parties, but even that seems a fairly remote hope.

As for government…

A lot of people are saying it right across The Great South Land: Labor’s next Prime Minister isn’t even born yet.


  1. “Desperation has supplanted rage. ‘Don’t give Tony Abbott absolute power,’ comes the whine from the left”

    Very bad year for “whine”. Our two nations should join effort, in the colonization of Planet Mars. Our Lefty’s would be perfect in that effort. Tis loaded with CO-2.

    • Right now it appears that the Libs will gain control of both Houses, though they will rely on friendly small parties for support in the Senate.
      And Rudd, in his interminably long concession speech, once again showed his true character. No gracious acknowledgment of his Liberal opponent, just ‘Eat your heart out, Bill Glasson.’
      Truly, he is a repulsive example of the species. Whichever one is forced to claim him.

      • AMEN! Speaking of repulsive, didja’ know we got the Don Quixote, chasing Syrian windmills?

        HE will also show his true character in 2016 IF he allows elections. Time for popcorn and pitchforks.

        • The awful truth is hitting home to the American people. GWB was a better man and a better president than Barry.
          Barry knows it too. So now he wants a war to prove he’s Dubya’s equal.

          • THAT is for damn sure, good fellow. IMHO, those here that favor Syria action, should be the first on land through, the air and on the sea.

            Bush had the approval of congress and I believe 40 coalition partners on Iraq. Bozo, should he choose to move without the aforementioned, coalition of 1 and I hope, impeachment conviction of and removal from office. Forcibly is so desired.

            As you know, he was damned by progressives. Guess they were correct because Saddam must have used Jello® on the Kurds and Iranians.

  2. I liked Rudd, honestly. I also liked Julia, and more relevantly, I support much of the content outlined in Labor Policies.

    I am now interested to see how things will progress (perhaps concerned is a more accurate statement) though I’m up for observing and not writing Abbott & the Liberal Government off as a complete failure before they have even had the opportunity to demonstrate their potential.

    Great post, Thanks for sharing.

    Miss Lou

    • Thanks for visiting, and thanks especially for your willingness to give the Libs a chance. There’s a small but noisy percentage of the population who have nothing else to do but rant about Abbott; probably the same people were ranting about John Howard too.
      It’s a pleasure to encounter someone from the other side of the fence who’s prepared to be open-minded.

      • I voted for Kevin Rudd and arranged each and every one of my preferences to support Labor getting elected.

        I did do my research and my votes were very informed and carefully thought out.

        My own principles and values actually fall most in line with the Greens Policies.

        I don’t think it is useful to Liberal bash now that they are in, and would more like to contribute in the ways that I can to supporting positive change as opposed to using all my energy whinging about something.

        If we complain about something, I think we need to provide some sound reasoning for our grievance and then provide some solutions.

        Thanks for not throwing me out of your blog, and padlocking the doors after my multiple admissions that I support and vote for Labor. lol.

        Something I did note leading up to the election and now ever afterwards is that whenever I raise policy detail, people tend to desert the conversation. This applies not only to Liberal voters (although I did notice it more) but also in relation to labor votes and the voters of any other party.

        I feel like we have become a politically lazy country when it comes to being ‘informed’ voters. People tend to respond to three and four word slogans, more so than actually looking at the policy behind the words.

        This is relevant across the board.

        Thanks again.

        Miss Lou

        • I’m guided by the words of J K Galbraith, who said that politics always comes down to a choice between the unpalatable and the disastrous. Well, we had six years of disastrous.
          I doubt that I’ll agree with every Liberal move. Overall, though, they’ll provide more stable and perceptive government than Labor did.

          Drop in any time. Have a look through the archives. Politics isn’t actually my prime subject of choice.

          • I’ve got to say we probably are not going to agree on much regarding the outcome of the last 6 years with Labor governing. With the exception of the in-fighting (Absolutely ridiculous by any standard) and partial policy frameworks.

            Thanks for the invitation, I will. The first time I wrote an involved, semi detailed post on politics was yesterday, lol, so I know what you mean.

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