Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 30, 2013

Vote Wikileaks! The party that self-destructs before it even wins a seat.

Folks outside of Australia might not be aware that Wikileaks has established itself as a political party here and Julian Assange himself is running for the Senate. Well, maybe not running – squatting would be more like it. Squatting in the cupboard under the stairs in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.
Wikileaks was not the most harmonious of communities before the blonde manchild started his game of hide and seek, but now they’re involved in politics proper the machine has begun to disintegrate.

Tim Blair presents! Ta-daaaa!

Itchy and Scratchy and Wiki Show.


  1. Shirley you have viewed John Revolta showing his moves, pre-Ecuadorian Embassy days.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, WE have our very own Han Solo:

    Obama Willing to Go Solo… via

    • As Carly Simon would say, I bet he thinks this song is about him. Don’t he? Don’t he?

      • Yep!

        Recall in my days in the sun, rock stars for the most part, kept their clothes on, unlike our Lady Gag and MPG (Miley Per Gallon) Cyrus. And people still wonder about STD’s..

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