Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 21, 2013

The many moods (and evasions) of a Kruddfuhrer.

Kevin Rudd in his own words.


  1. In looking at the right hand pinkie finger and start of palm, I’d say the boy has a leak in his plastic pocket, lined with pens OR, he doesn’t know that the pointy end goes in the cap.

    BTW good fellow, was THE first to comment @ Blair’s with the lady and a grocery sack in the immediate background. Loaf of baguette bread sticking straight out of it.

    My comment as El Cid was: “oh my, looks like the bag has an erection” AND it didn’t make the cut, are those people prudish or what?

    • All I can say is, that some of my comments don’t make it through there either. Sometimes they take a day or even two to show, especially if I’ve embedded a link. But some never show up. There’s no pattern to it as far as I can tell.
      I’d say you were just unlucky, JP.

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