Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 14, 2013

Kruddfuhrer and the kids. And a dab of karmic justice.

Please be advised that the following post includes harm of children and bad language

This election campaign isn’t shaping up too well for Narcissist Prime. The carefully orchestrated public events are getting lost amid negative reaction to Kruddy’s antics.

After several hairy-chested challenges, Rudd got his chance to debate Tony Abbott on television last Sunday night. Abbott scored well, but Rudd did the most damage to his prospects all by himself. Against the rules to which both men had agreed, Rudd showed up with a fistful of notes. His staff were to blame, of course. They failed to instruct him, or let him out in public without a muzzle, or something.

No doubt another head or two will roll for the oversight that occurred at a Sydney church last week. How was the Prime Minister allowed to get so close to Joseph Kim?

I make faces like that when I hear Kevin on the radio, too!

I make faces like that when I hear Kevin on the radio, too!

Young Joey is a national hero after he photobombed the Milky Bar Kid. Imagine the horror on the faces of Rudd’s minders.

Aaaaah, I can't STAND this guy!

Aaaaah, I can’t STAND this guy!

A wise man would have laughed and maybe ruffled the kid’s hair. Rudd opted for a different response, as Miranda Devine explains.

Photos of cute Joseph Kim pulling faces and cavorting for the cameras behind the PM went around the world.

But Rudd didn’t appear to find his antics amusing.

Video footage shows the PM turning to give little Joseph a high five, and then gripping the boy’s fingers and holding on for a moment.

When the boy managed to extract his hand, he grimaced, and said “Ouch”. Whether the squeeze was inadvertent or Rudd really was teaching the exuberant child a lesson only he would know. But the verdict on the internet was damning.

Myself, I’d put my ten bucks on the ‘lesson’. Rudd is not the sort of man to cause accidental hurt; he’s far too petty and vindictive for that.

But Australia’s youth had their vengeance today, when Rudd visited a Catholic school in Cairns…

One of the students at St Mary’s got a picture on his smart phone with Rudd. With Rudd still standing along side him, the boy remarked to his mate:

“I got a photo with the cunt.”

Don’t judge the lad too harshly. He’s only following Kruddfuhrer’s example.



  1. I can’t believe what I am hearing nor seeing, and can’t believe he still let it be filmed…..didn’t he think us the voters would eventually see this clip…or didn’t this egomaniac care……we as a people must in all conscious vote him and he party out

    • Agreed!
      And just quietly, Linda, I’ve been expecting Gough Whitlam to exit stage left since Jooolya set her election date back in January. Call me an insensitive bastard, but Gough can RIP now, knowing that he’s been bumped from Number 1 on the list of Australia’s Worst Prime Ministers Ever.

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