Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 6, 2013

The first joke of the campaign hits the bullseye.

From Peter Costello, who served as Treasurer under John Howard:

costello on rudd

Mr Costello wrote at length on Kruddfuhrer today. His analysis of Narcissist Prime:

Up until now Kevin Rudd has done well by posing as an Opposition Leader. Are you shocked by the Country’s failure to police its borders? Well so is he.
And he is going to be the toughest cop in town with the toughest policy to control it. Are you against the Carbon Tax? Well so is he and he is going to abolish it next year. Are you wondering why the Government can’t balance a Budget in the middle of a mining boom? Well so is he and he’ll do the tough stuff – like tax smokers to kingdom-come to fix it.

Further on Costello nails perfectly the difference between the opposing leaders:

Abbott thinks his best asset is his team. Rudd thinks his best asset is himself.

ADDENDUM – for the benefit of foreign readers, the story behind the ‘flight attendant’ reference.

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