Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 1, 2013

This is going to look SO AWESOME on my resume!!!

Via Tim Blair: Kruddmunchkins deliver hard-hitting political commentary… by adding word balloons to an opposing candidate’s poster.

Wow. I don’t know why Kruddfuhrer is bothering to import foreign advisers when he has talent of this calibre behind him.

As Blair commenter Monty notes:

Just goes to prove the old adage: you’ve got to be voting Labor by the time you’re 20 to prove you’re not square, you’ve got to be voting Liberal by the time you’re 40 to prove you’re not stupid.



  1. Same here, with our emperor! We gotta’ get this asshat out of office and soon! No telling what he will attempt, with his remaining term.

    That IS unless he completely shreds our Constitution and chooses himself in 2016, if so, hope I’m alive to be part of the revolution to oust his half-black ass OUT!

    To where, I don’t give a damn..

    • He can’t choose himself in ’16. It’s Hillary’s turn.
      But seriously… considering that the next CIC is due in only three years, are there any serious Republican contenders appearing yet?

      • Well good sir, there does seem to be, BUT they will fumble fart and probably big time, WITH our Left Wing Meeja’ just salivating and ready to pounce, when and if..

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