Posted by: Gregoryno6 | July 30, 2013

Er, Mister Rudd? There’s a wonderful photo opportunity waiting for you.

At the beach.

No, I wouldn’t worry about your bucket and spade… But maybe you need something to read in the car.



  1. “At the beach”. Holy CHIT Batman!

    Crudd. Progressives Rule #1: Never Stop The Bullshit Kamˈpān. It confuses people AND that’s Good..

    • Over the weekend Narcissist Prime paid a visit to Afghanistan. He told the troops ‘It’s time we brought you home’ – which, on the basis of his past promise-to-performance ratio, means the troops shouldn’t exactly be packing their bags.
      And Kruddfuhrer himself didn’t have to worry about luggage either – not for a visit that lasted a whole three hours. I’m not kidding!

      • Can’t recall whether our angry racist half black, has made the Afghani trip.

        The vile ones (all of ’em lol) would love him. All he needs is a beard, if he has the correct kinda’ juice to grow one

        • Therese could lend her flak jacket to Michelle, if the First Lady could lower herself to wearing a hand me down.

          • Moose, would frighten the shit outta’ them islammies, with that constant scowl, you mentioned.

            Then, they’d behead her. 🙂

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