Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 30, 2013

An awkward pin up moment? Gina and the red, uh, bomb.

It took an email from Miss President to get me back, just briefly…

We now have some new Pin-Ups For Vets merchandise:  PATCHES!

After many requests from our supporters, we would now like to present to you:

“Bomb Girl” Patch & “Camo Girl” Patch!


Errrr…  that’s a bomb? Well, if you say so, Gina.

(Boy – SOMEONE had a sheltered childhood.)

The patches can be purchased here. The other PUFV goodies are only a click away. And keep that spot on your wall free, because the 2014 calendar is currently in preparation.

No news yet on who will be wearing Bomb Girl patches, or where. Or how many.




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