Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 26, 2013

Wednesday June 26 2013: Oh, what a circus!

I was around for the collapse of the Whitlam government in 1975, but today’s events have almost put November 11 in the shade.

The day began with independent MPs Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor announcing that they would not stand again at the next election. Neither will be missed, by their electorates or by the Australian population generally. When the election of 2010 delivered a hung parliament Jokeshott and Windbag sided with Labor, despite representing themselves to the voters as essentially right of centre.

Splash splash as the rats desert the sinking ship…

And then came word that Kevin, the deposed princeling, was rallying his numbers. With two sitting days left before Parliament rises Kruddy sharpened up his lance and threw down the glove.

Jooolya said Bring It On. With a little support from her union backers.

The challenge was scheduled for 7pm in Canberra – 5 pm here. By the time I got home at 6, the decision was in.

In 2010 Jooolya’s supporters numbered 70. By today they’d shrunk to 45 against Kruddfuhrer’s 57.

The old man’s back again.


Jooolya has announced that she will not stand at the election. Other leading clowns in The Circus Of Ineptitude have declared their exits too.

Those who remain may be hoping that the citizens will exercise some modicum of leniency on September 14 – after all, we got rid of her, didn’t we? Surely we deserve a little credit for that.

Phatt Pharking Chance, kiddies. Gillard or Rudd, this has been the most incompetent wasteful government that ever got within spitting distance of the Treasury benches in Canberra. Labor are destined to be swept from power, and if anything the voters will be ANGRIER for having been deprived the chance to kick Jooolya out at the ballot box.

More and more in the last year life in The Great South Land has come to resemble a bizarre intersection of Downfall and Alice In Wonderland. Jooolya was undoubtedly the star of this misbegotten extravaganza. Her media advisers involved her in ludicrous stunts that only made her look increasingly ridiculous – and when I say ‘increasingly’, I mean that every fiasco left Australians shaking their heads and saying well, this has to be as stupid as it gets.

Again and again, Jooolya proved us wrong.

And she was as hopeless in attacking her opponents as she was inept in her self-aggrandisement. Jooolya had an incredible gift for starting arguments on grounds where she was herself completely vulnerable.

Good riddance to her. But this is not the way we wanted it to happen.

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