Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 22, 2013

From the History Keeps Repeating Itself Channel.

The Australian economy is sliding down from its peak. My own employer has reduced staff numbers (thanks for that, boys) and other firms are ‘considering their options’.

Funny how often the first option chosen is shutting the doors in Western Australia.

Perth has grown considerably as a business centre in the last twenty years. But most firms are still headquartered in either Sydney or Melbourne on the east coast, and those idiots over there just don’t get it. The Melbournians are especially blinkered in this regard – and I say that as one who was born in Melbourne and lived there for thirty years. Three hundred miles in any direction from Melbourne will get you across a state border. Western Australia requires a different scale in the thinking; this state is, literally, larger than Texas.

And these guys think they can run it by remote control from their office overlooking Docklands or the Harbour Bridge. Hello, disaster.

We run through this cycle about every ten years in WA. It takes that long for the last lot of know-alls who tried cutting back and took a belting to move out of the picture.

One of our suppliers has dismissed its lone sales representative for the state. Another has reduced hours and staff. I expect they’ll be shipping everything from Melbourne in due course. Their smarter rivals are already sniffing around, putting out feelers. Those who stick around will reap the rewards – because if there’s one thing a Western Australian REALLY HATES, it’s being patronised by The Wise Men From The East. Also known as t’othersiders.

Flying over twice a year to gasbag and hand out the latest brochure doesn’t cut it.

Gonna be some serious kicking of arse in a year or two…



  1. Hi Greg

    It was funny reading the same thing that we have here; its the identical system with only the names of the cities different between here and there.

    Hang in there; you will soon have a bunch of Sefricans heading out your way.


    On 6/22/13, The mind is an unexplored country.

    • Good to hear from you, Ike. Yes, I suppose it’s the same all around the world.
      I can see some unsuspecting mug being hired to set up shop here all over again eventually. He’ll be ignorant of the history, of course. The bosses will tell him ‘It’s a fresh territory for us. Get in there and get a piece of the action.’ And the poor bastard will wonder why every door is slammed in his face.

  2. Aww come on now, the Eastie elitists no EVERYTHING. Just ask, if you’ve got a year or two for EVERY reason why they no EVERYTHING..

    • They can be bloody irritiating that way.

      • So true. Most of the U.S. is “flyover country” to these types and THEY include every bureaucrat in the Fed system, plus the Hollowood’ites.

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