Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 12, 2013

Jooolya delivers media stunts. Meanwhile, in another part of The Great South Land…

Timing is everything…

Tuesday saw the launch of a fundraising group called Women For Gillard in Sydney. View the youtube clip here, and note as I did the distinct lack of enthusiasm among the women standing behind Jooolya as she speaks.

Are they supporters, or conscripts?

Their lack of enthusiasm suggests the latter – which puts a whole new slant on the idea of being punished for your gender.

Jooolya as Champion of the Sisterhood is a difficult concept  to grasp. What exactly does this woman offer in terms of role model? Stealer of husbands and dud lawyer doesn’t add up to much. AWPME is far better at whipping up boogeymen on the other side of politics that delivering solid and successful policy on her own. Jooolya’s speech touched on several issues where her party delivered benefits for women. Few of those benefits have occurred during the current ALP administration. If any. She mentions Ben Chifley – for the uninformed, Chifley was Prime Minister back in the 1940s. Whitlam belongs to the 1970s.

Women For Gillard makes about as much sense as Chickens For Colonel Sanders. It’s another piece of political theatre from the people who think that politics is nothing but theatre. Get up on stage and recite your lines and you will change the world.

Meanwhile, not too far west of the Harbour City, women live in a little piece of hell.

There’s a place in the world where dreadful violence is regularly inflicted upon women – rape, terrifying assault and murder.

In this place, women of a certain ethnic group are 80 times more likely to be hospitalised for assault and injury…

It is Central Australia, and in particular the Northern Territory.

As NT Member of Parliament Bess Price says:

If these women victims were white, we would hear very loud outrage from feminists.



  1. Speaking of the Red head:

    Australian radio host who asked Prime Minister Julia Gillard if her boyfriend was gay has been suspended from the station – @HamishNews

    Bloody poor bloke..

    • Funny innit? Jooolya’s been attributing all sorts of unpleasant attitudes and intentions to Tony Abbott, but when the boot’s on the other foot and she’s taking some flak herself, it’s an abomination!
      Reading the transcript I would say that it sounds like the sort of interview a conservative politician might get if they appeared on the government owned JJJ network.
      “We hear a lot of rumours that you’re gay. Can you say right now that you’re not gay?”
      “I’m not gay.”
      “You’re not gay? Because these stories keep circulating…”
      And so on.

      • Oh no, the bloody poor, is the suspended bloke.

      • Shit!, Anyhoo..,What I believe is a hero (and the Greenwald, or whomever) *Snowden, that many here are calling a traitor , could take a look see and find Jooolya in a three way.

        Two swishy wrists and her.

        Now THAT, I would pay to

        *Snowden did nothing wrong in my view, if our ASSHATS running that thing, did a PROPER job and followed the LAWS of the land, there would be NO NEED, for a Snowden.

    • Or were you referring to Joooyla’s man chum as the ‘bloody poor bloke’? Bloody poor taste in women, that’s all I’d say.

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