Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 9, 2013

Rumours of Rudd recycling. A risible response. (Updated)

Those ol’ tribal drums are beating up on Capital Hill again… Jooolya’s on her way.

But this time there does seem to be more substance to the story.

It’s one thing to have schoolkids use you for target practice. But when the press and media who have supported you again and again step away…

I’m now very strongly of the view that Julia Gillard will not lead Labor into the next election. I think there will be a change, either by her own hand or by the actions of others. And I’m not relying entirely on guess work here.

LABOR is being swept with expectations that Julia Gillard will be replaced as Prime Minister before parliament rises for the election, with Kevin Rudd now seen as the party’s only hope of averting electoral disaster.

The first quote comes from Barrie Cassidy, current affairs presenter and former Labor staffer; the second from Dennis Shanahan at The Australian. Both are typical leftoid specimens of Australia’s mendacious selective media.

Both appear to be calling time on Jooolya.

And yet, who does Labor turn to in its hour of need? In desperate times, who is seen as the desperate remedy?

The man they deposed three years ago. The vindictive narcissist whose ego dwarfed Everest.

Yeah… this guy. He’s back again. Almost. Maybe.

The Circus of Ineptitude grows ever more ridiculous as it scrabbles for a handhold.

Labor dumped Rudd for Gillard three years ago because he was (a) a total prick and (b) massively unpopular with the wider electorate. The Libs would have a field day with Kruddfuhrer’s long list of failures and discarded promises in the run-up to the vote. Not to mention the man’s arrogance – which he demonstrated so exquisitely when he snubbed Liberal candidate Rebecca Docherty during the 2010 election campaign.


Look at that. Anyone would think Rudd was, well, a misogynist!

Apparently it took no more than a successful photo opportunity to restore Rudd’s ratings among the folks who have formerly – and frequently – professed to hate his guts. Shafting Jooolya might improve their numbers – but Labor are deluding themselves if they think Rudd can win the election for them. The voters could easily be angered even further by the switch. The Labor clowns might discover that the citizens haven’t yet reached the limit of their disgust. That’s a very real possibility. A lot of people want the pleasure of seeing Jooolya gag on her concession speech.

As for Cassidy’s suggestion that Jooolya would go ‘by her own hand’ – ha! There is no speck of grace in AWPME. She’d sooner drive the bus over a cliff than give up the wheel.

Gillard or Rudd. It’s like choosing between the Hindenburg and the Titanic.

I just wish they could BOTH be Prime Minister on election day.

UPDATE 5:30 am 10/06/2013 – The outpouring of Ruddlove may not have been entirely spontaneous.



  1. Rudd’erless TWAT he is. One of several things I learned in visiting Timothy Blair’s (both and new) IS, a half-assed raising of a hand, indicating an oath PLUS the LEFT head tilt, says to me, itsa’ no gona’ work..

    Certainly in Australia, unlike the cowardly corrupt’o’crates of both political parties in the U.S., there must be another John Howard type OR Mr. Howard himself.

    • DAMN IT! ” both OLD and new”

      • There is a new man ready to take the helm. Tony Abbott was a minister under John Howard; Labor and the media were very dismissive of him for a long time, but the voters are behind him now.
        It’s a measure of the man’s integrity that his foes have to go back to his university days to dig for dirt. Joooolya, meanwhile, replies to questions about her dodgy activities twenty years ago with “I was young and naive.”
        The press gallery will go down with Labor for the soft treatment they’ve given this pack of clowns.

        • Very good. Our meeja, shows signs of turning BUT, if an impeachment effort gains strength, they will ask..’How high would you like us jump this time, sir’? AND they will gladly help toss every race card they can think of.

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