Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 19, 2013

How the flogging hell did Dan Brown miss this?

Someone in the Vatican has (ahem) unusual tastes in entertainment.

In addition to “Russian Slaves,” the top downloaded videos included “Whipped A**” and “Transsexual P***y Hunters.”

Their asterisks, not mine.

The story actually begins here at Torrent Freak, with a conversation between a priest and the man at his local video hire.

No, padre - if YOU don't stop it, YOU'LL go blind!

No, padre – if YOU don’t stop it, YOU’LL go blind!

(Afterthought: Why do I automatically assume that a cleric who’d watch Transsexual Pussy Hunters would condemn The Last Temptation of Christ?)


  1. Is that Robert Blake? Where is the parrot?

    • That is indeed Robert Blake. As for the parrot… funny, it was there on his finger just a minute ago.

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