Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 19, 2013

Bob Belvedere serves only the finest cheesecake.

Over at The Camp Of The Saints BB has been presenting another annual selection of lovelies in The Six Days Of Cheesecake.




Click on the link above – oh, damn, you’ll have to take another look at the ladies, can you bear it – to go to the final entry pf the week. Work backwards to Monday from there. Or just pick a day at random. Nothing but quality whichever way you go.

Bob’s ladies this year have been photographed by Celeste Giuliano. Like my #1 girl Gina, Celeste is a fan of the retro calendar girl, of Elvgren and Vargas, and the concept that less is more and a little mystery goes a long way.

Fellas, I think we’re on our way to a pinup surplus. Not that that is in any way a bad thing.


  1. Thanks, old friend.

    • Bob, you are a man of enormous magnitude. You have our eternal gratitude.

  2. I’m sure there are some ladies who are thrilled with the pinup surplus, too! I certainly consider myself in that camp.

    • There’s nothing camp about you, sweetheart.

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