Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 17, 2013

Song by Webb, vocals by Walker.

Jimmy Webb – the songwriter, not the politician – penned some of the best songs of the Sixties and Seventies. Galveston, MacArthur Park, The Highwayman  – the list of Mr Webb’s hit songs is a lengthy one to be sure.

Scott Walker – the singer, not the politician – has chosen to push boundaries with his recent recordings. Personally, I don’t enjoy listening to his work post-1985 or thereabouts. I admire his guts for not taking the golden oldies route but the output these days doesn’t move me.

Oh, crap. I started this post because I realised during the week that I had missed marking Scott Walker’s 70th birthday. I was going to set up a string of youtube links but decided instead to choose the one Scott Walker song that everyone should hear at least once in their lifetime.

And this is it. Written by Jimmy Webb – If Ships Were Made To Sail.  

I have Jimmy Webb’s version of this song on CD, and he certainly does it justice. But Scott’s voice carries it right out into the starlit sky.

Excellent photo collection by Swallow290.


  1. Scott Walker’s voice is timeless and golden. Courageous artist, who had the courage to walk away from commerciality.

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