Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 13, 2013

It’s grotesque, it’s expensive… it’s art.

What comes to mind when you think of the world’s great cities? What special landmarks represent them in your imagination?
Rome has the Colosseum; London, Big Ben. The White House, for better or worse, is the symbol of Washington. And Paris of course has La Tour Eiffel.
Now, think of Australia’s national capital Canberra. What do you see?
Is it something like this?


Stop laughing. I’m serious! Canberra, capital of The Great South Land, land of kangaroos, Hugh Jackman and road warriors, has adopted Skywhale as its emblem.

‘Adopted’ is not really correct here. ‘Forked out heaps’ is closer to the fact. The relevant people, arms sufficiently twisted, admitted that the final cost would be over $300,000.

For that sort of money you might think that Moby Tit would be around for future generations to attack with flaming arrows, or at least laugh at. But the Madonna Of The Molonglo has an expected life span of just 100 flights. Book your spot between the bosoms today!

These quotes from the Bountifully Busty One’s supporters – and I don’t mean that in the underwire, cross-your-heart sense – render further commentary superfluous.

“In a glance, her works spirit us away to another type of universe where life exists differently. Without judgment she makes us think deeply about how we respond to the unfamiliar and unknowable.” Rupert Myer, chairman of the Aranday Foundation, which put 50K towards Skywhale, praises artist Patricia Piccinini.

“Piccinini has created an evocative and politically-charged hybrid for us tailored for our place and our times. This Skywhale continues Piccinini’s long-running concern for contemporary issues around empathy between human and animal, genetic modification and threatened extinctions. It might even bump us into an entirely new dimension, just as a recent breakfast party did for me at Lanyon Homestead.” From Shane Breynard, Canberra Museum and Gallery director. The chef at Lanyon Homestead has a lot to answer for.

Robyn Archer, who commissioned Skywhale as part of Canberra’s centenary celebrations, remains firm in her convictions:
“The connection with the centenary is ‘look at how many amazing people Canberra has produced over these years’.”

Well, yes. But how many of them had ten breasts?

(Hat tip to Tim Blair)

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