Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 21, 2013

We can’t spot a boat right under our effen noses – but the GOOD news is…

A truly cosmic irony if ever there was one.

A week after a boatload of queue jumpers sailed into Geraldton harbour, astronomers in Western Australia made public their discovery of something very big, very nasty, and very distant.

If the explosion happened near our galaxy and was pointed in the right direction, it would have destroyed everything, David Coward, an Associate Professor from the University of WA’s School of Physics, said.

Lucky for Earth, the death of the massive star happened more than a billion years ago and is an extremely rare event.

The explosion occurred in a very distant galaxy 11 billion light years away, Mr Coward said.

High time our astronomers became coastwatchers, methinks.


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