Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 10, 2013

Deutsche Bank fishing boat from Sri Lanka, looking for New Zealand, bumps into Australia. Well, these things happen!

The west coast of Australia was the forgotten corner of the backyard for many years. Then two things happened. Mining was one; the other was the illegal immigrant trade. Both have put Western Australia very much at the forefront of national affairs.
The Liberal (in Australia, that means conservative-leaning) government of John Howard set in place a program that effectively halted people smuggling. Naturally, when the program was a success, the Labor Party (in Australia that means the party of cossetted academics, entertainment types, and lawyers of somewhat flexible ethics – in short, people who rarely if ever ‘labour’ for their daily bread) deplored it and accused JH of being a heartless bastard.
One of the first acts of the Labor government elected in 2007 was the dismantling of the Libs’ boat people policy. The leftoids thus proved they had hearts and consciences. Whoop de doo. The real-world effect of their brave deed was to open the door to the people smugglers and their willing customers, the queue jumpers.
The illegal boats have mostly aimed for the upper northwest corner of the continent. Yesterday, however, a boat was intercepted just outside Geraldton harbour.


(Daily Telegraph story here.)

Geraldton is 1000-plus miles south of the area where the boats are normally intercepted.
More to the point, it’s only 200 miles north of Perth. That’s a long way to sail, undetected, in our national waters.

The boat was emblazoned with the name of Deutsche Bank on the side. Turns out it was likely one of several boats the bank donated to Sri Lankan fishing communities after the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004.

People smuggling has hit boom times in this part of the world in the last few years. The Circus of Ineptitude in Canberra has been especially inept on this problem: having bathed in smug self-righteousness when they turfed Howard’s Pacific Solution they now stand witness to the result. Boatloads of illegals have proliferated. And people have died. But as Tim Blair points out here, the caring sharing folk who lambasted the Liberals are looking for new causes to rail against today.

Any halfway decent cause will do, I suppose. So long as it enables them to smother any trace of embarrassment. Seeing how many of them were clamouring that we should welcome the illegals into our neighbourhoods – right up until the moment that they were asked to invite the illegals into their own homes –  they have plenty to be embarrassed about.

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