Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 9, 2013

In which I amuse myself at a government ministers expense.

Blog post from an old contact who now lives in Geraldton. And actually worked in detention centres for several years.
He doesn’t say much about that, but it’s hard to not share his schadenfreude…

The Tizona Group

Now funnily enough I happen to live in the town where this has just happened.



This may be the furthest south any group has landed, to put it in perspective, if it was the east coast they would have been landing just south of Brisbane.

So I thought id take the opportunity to have a poke at an Australian Senator, the man who described dismantling the old system (which saw refugee boat arrivals at single digits) as his “moment of “greatest satisfaction”.



Good day, this may come across as a little gloating but Im just mailing to inform you I told you so.

Some years ago now you called for submissions into the detention/refugee system, I put in a submission based on 5 years of working in the detention field and seeing its failings and traps.
You were the minister responsible at the time, I initially hoped your inquiry might be a genuine one…

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  1. “believed to be men, women and children from Sri Lanka”

    Hmm, looking at the pic, the front row of men look about as much Srl Lanka’ian (would that be correct?) as the world’s most idiotic and petulant child, Kim Jong Un does.

    • You could be right. Identifying as Sri Lankan could be seen as an advantage. Most of these queue jumpers arrive with no documentation at all, and they’re fed and housed at our expense while checks are made.

  2. Oh gosh, that fellow that “changed his mind”, wait ’til he see the new arrivals. Is he gonna’ be pisse

  3. D

  4. Is it just me, or is Wordy got the upchucks this evening?

    • The president of Deutsche Bank is probably just as po’d… nothing puts you off acts of charity quicker than seeing your good deeds put to use in a scam.

      • That’s for sure, mate..

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