Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 1, 2013

Remnants of antiquity.

The following items were found at either LACMA, which does have a substantial collection of early and medieval art, or the Getty Centre. I can’t remember which now.

2013-02-26 15.17.16

2013-02-26 15.16.32

2013-02-26 15.15.29

2013-02-26 15.18.37

2013-02-26 15.19.51

All photos by Michele, who I believe to be a direct descendant of the lady sculpted below.


It’s something in the profile…

2013-02-26 14.41.51

2013-02-26 14.42.03

This column decoration (I’m sure there’s a proper name for it) was found at the Museum of Jurassic Technology.

2013-02-24 13.35.18


Something at LACMA has caught M. Voltaire’s eye. A shadowy figure, stalking a nun…

If you close one eye and squint you can just discern my silhouette on the left.


The sculptor’s drape work attracted our attention as we walked by this piece, but otherwise it seemed rather unremarkable. Only as we were leaving did I bother to read the information card – and I discovered it was nun – er, none other than Saint Scholastica. Patroness of my primary school! Naturally I had to get a photo. I didn’t expect to be cast into the biblical darkness this way, but there it is.


  1. Entrancing antiquities. Marvelous photos.

  2. Saint Scholastica. Patroness of my primary school!

    Shocker was it? That may be a bit strong, but I’m guessing a mental ‘i’ll be damned’ entered the gray matter.

    • You got that right. Even though the school was named for her, I don’t recall a single picture of Scholastica anywhere. We knew she was Saint Benedict’s sister and that’s about it.
      The adjacent parish was St Benedict’s and that’s probably how Scholastica got the nod.

  3. The first six photos are from the Getty. I was going to pop in and say hello to my girl Minerva/Athena last weekend while visiting the museum again for my research paper, but decided against it, since I had a pressing engagement on the other side of the hill for lunch. Which turned out to be furniture moving and then lunch. I didn’t realize the Saint Scholastica photo turned out like that. It seems more apropos for the Museum of Jurassic Technology! You are definitely more on top of posting pictures from the museums than I am!

    • I have a few more photo posts, and then I’m going to do a few about the MJT and Jadis and a few other places. In all it will likely be another month before I’ve completed my posts plan.
      If only the holiday itself had lasted as long.

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    Geez, I gotta’ get out more. 🙂

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