Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 1, 2013

And now, the lady herself.

My tireless chauffeur, and partner in arty explorations – Michele.

Mickel and G6

In the breakfast room at The Ambrose.

Mickel alone

Michele’s tumblr site Strange Cousin Susan covers an eclectic a territory as my blog here. Currently you’ll find ancient Roman art rubbing shoulders with Doctor Who gifs. And a request for help on a Gimp plug in. Maybe YOU know the answer – visit now!



  1. Pleasure to meet you, Lady Michele..

  2. Also featured at Strange Cousin Susan: The Dish and Deborah Duchene. Because I love them. And daily doses of Natalie Lambert Hair Porn, with short, fangirl observations.

    • Plus an excellent collection of Spiderman screencaps.
      “That, Billy, is called an erection…”

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