Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 29, 2013

Clockwork Homage.

Clockwork Homage tmi resize

From the Kubrick retrospective at LACMA. If memory serves correctly this is the actual costume worn by Malcolm McDowell.

The exhibition runs until June. If you’re a Kubrick fan, you won’t be disappointed. The Star Child! Costumes from Barry Lyndon! And, again from Clockwork Orange, totally non sexist cafe decor!

Moloko Barmaid

2001 remains my favourite Kubrick movie. I swore I’d only ever watch it on the big screen, but I weakened a few years ago and bought the dvd. It loses some of its power, but not much.

Kubrick set standards with the special effects in that movie that remain superior to just about everything that’s followed. Isaac Newton spoke of ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’; I take the opposite approach.

I stand before a giant

Thanks to Michele for both pics. There are more photos of the exhibition here at MinimallyMinimal, and Cartwheel.

And there will be photos of Michele too, at some point over the weekend.


  1. Nice touch, you putting your Bowler on his display piece…

    I like it!

    • That is the wonderful Vincent Price letting rip with that evil chuckle, I believe.
      And the hat? Yes, I decided that a carbon grey Stylemaster was more my, um, style.

  2. Vincent it is good sir. Yes, yes, ‘tiz your trademark..

    Bu-but, this fellow made big bucks with the bowler.

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