Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 21, 2013

On presidential resemblances, and hellishly short memories.

The makers of a tv show about the Bible are fending off criticisms that their Devil looks uncannily like 44.


Some people are very upset about this. And so they should be! Obama as Satan? Can you imagine anyone making that comparison with his predecessor?

Uh, wait a minute…

bush satan

Gee, maybe these Obamians should just, you know, STFU.


  1. “Gee, maybe these Obamians should just, you know, STFU”

    Got that right, mate.

    One tiny problem, ‘they’ aren’t going to. ‘They’ will keep pushing, until! To bad so sad.

    • Over here, it’s a case of same shit, different accent.
      The people presently appalled by the ridicule heaped upon Jooolya are the people who cackled with glee at the “John Coward is a Hunt” t-shirt.

      • I mean REALLY! With the Interwebby, these types do NOT have to leave their mummies basements for their asinine behaviour, statements and what not BUT, who in the hell dresses these types in the mornings?

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