Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 21, 2013

176 days to the election. And we are all counting!

The Circus of Ineptitude, known to a dwindling minority as the national government of Australia, today paused momentarily in its ongoing task of completely screwing the country to rip at its own entrails.

Simon Crean, aka Beige On Legs, announced that he was throwing his vote to Kevin Rudd in a leadership challenge against Her Jooolayness. Some time later, someone decided to check with Kruddfuhrer – who announced that he wasn’t planning to challenge.

Crean has since been turfed out of the ministry. Giving him more time to play with the shiny pointy objects in the kitchen, which is probably not a good idea. His grandstanding bellyflop today though is entirely in keeping with the performance of this sorry excuse for a government since it was elected. First, make the big announcement: second, secure the deal.

It’s time we gave Canberra a new name. Even if it is only temporary.


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