Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 16, 2013

Is there anything else you would like to share about your visit to The Getty Center?

Michele and I had an afternoon of intense art overload when we visited The Getty Center. Seated high in the hills north of Los Angeles, The Getty was also designed to allow visitors a respite from the assembled masterpieces. Broad walkways provide spectacular views of LA – after an hour or so of being immersed in Vermeers and Rembrandts, it’s good to step outside and reacquaint oneself with contemporary landscapes of steel and concrete.


Currently on display at The Getty. Click on the image to go to the Museum’s site.

I just completed the museum’s online survey, which asked all the usual utterly irrelevant questions. Children? I said 117. No interest apparently in how many wives…

And then, almost at the end of the survey, the question above – which I’d been waiting for. Because I had a story to tell.

Is there anything else I would like to share about my visit to The Getty Center? Funny you should ask.

My friend and I had had an unpleasant experience with one of the security people at LACMA the previous day, so we decided to play it safe at the Getty. We were anxious to take some photos and we asked one of the gallery staff what the rules were. Without batting an eyelid this African-American gentleman said “There’s a $200 fee. You’re supposed to pay it at the admissions desk.”

Our jaws dropped, and then he laughed. We had a good laugh about it ourselves (once the shock wore off).

Strangely we encountered the same staff member again, twice, in different parts of the museum. “Got that $200 ready?” he said as he went past, but I think he was surprised as we were that our paths kept crossing. I said to Michele that we should get a photo with him as a souvenir – unfortunately we didn’t see him a third time.

I’d just like to say that this little prank was greatly appreciated. The Getty is an imposing place, even intimidating perhaps, in its size and in its wealth of treasures. Nice to know that the people who work there haven’t lost the light touch.

Actually, if you contact LACMA, you might ask them to send Captain Grouchy across to you for a few lessons in visitor relations. He sorely needs them.


  1. Assumption on my part. LACMA is, Los Angeles County (or City) Museum of Art? Another assumption, “Captain Grouchy” is a white effete SNOB.

    • Yes. And, Yes. Not to mention about 75 years old with a whiny voice.

      • Umm, typed an apology to Michele, for my four paws or some such, at your top posting for comparing or asking, insinuating or whatever, she was ‘Andreaaaaaaaaaaaaa’.

        Was going to go to her bloggie to do same, but I see it’s comment area is powered by Dickless or some such. Can’t stand those folks, can’t shi..uhh sit them either..

  2. I’m glad I’m going back to the Getty instead of LACMA for my research paper. The vibe of the place is much more enjoyable. Now if I could only find the gift store annex with the statuary because I really would love to add the Neoclassical Athena to Telstar. Also, I’d prefer not to trip into the annex, if it exists.

    • If you must trip into the annex, do it with the pills rather than the feet.

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