Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 23, 2013

And here I am.

It’s a nice place you’ve got here, Americans, but you might have to move it closer to Perth. Five hours on the redeye to Brisbane and then 13 to Los Angeles is murder on the system.

Five hours to do nothing at Brisbane airport in between was a special torment of its own. Like hell, but in slow motion. With blunt pitchforks.

Posts will be erratic until I’m home. Most of the pics will wait until then too, I’ve gone old-school and pulled my 35mm camera out of storage.


  1. Well I’m pleased you made it. 5 hours in Brissy…you could have seen the sights and still had time for a snooze.

    Look forward to the pics and stories when you get back 🙂

    • If I have that long to wait again I’ll definitely be trying to find a way out of the airport for a while.
      Today was fun. Mickel from Strange Cousin Susan was my companion and we strolled around downtown Santa Monica. Got my photo taken on the beach.
      The hills are – well,, actually, they’re proper mountains. Really sharp like a set of teeth. The Dandenongs and the Stirling Ranges are just bumps in conparison.

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