Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 21, 2013

Best explanation so far, anyhow.

300 million years ago: monster rock goes splat in South Australia. Probable result: mass extinctions worldwide.

Today: South Australia is serial murder capital of the nation, producing killers who commit individual extinctions again and again.

Probably just coincidence…


  1. Wow, didn’t know that. ‘Course I’m not a monster rock watcher. I should say wasn’t, until the very recent monster rock of Russia. Seems like the monster rock union has the blue orb in its sights again. And the union has called for strikes.

    As to the two bozo’s in blue, we got scads of those kinds. All of color, size and gender.

    • It’s a little unkind to be bagging South Aus that way, because all the states have had their share of weirdos. But the Truro killings were just a decade before Snowtown, and the numbers involved in both put SA so far ahead…

  2. Unfortunately, with the exception of the ‘religion of piece’, no one beats our Chicago. That Toddlin’ Town, as Mr. Sinatra sang.

    BTW, from a day or so ago, I find this.

    You know, for your flight to America. 🙂

    • The folks flying with me on the redeye have worse things than that to worry about: I’m the child of two Olympic class snorers.

      • LMFAO!
        Can just hear it now..’Ms, oh Ms, could you please move this fellow to umm, say the galley and close the door, better yet, howz about the pilot portion, for sure no sleep while this baby is in the air’.

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