Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 18, 2013

No, sir! I left MY dangerous goods in the plane!



Spare socks…

And now: nose plugs.

FARTING, cutting the cheese, letting her rip, breaking wind – whatever you call it, experts say it’s better out than in even on a plane.
A team of Danish and British gastroenterologists produced a paper on flatulence on planes after one of them, Jacob Rosenberg, was inspired on a flight between Copenhagen and Tokyo…

14 hours in the air from the east coast of Australia to the west coast of the US. Sure hope you’ll be there if I need you, Samuel L Jackson.

Give those experts credit for this, anyway: they finally said it loud and clear. The truth that half the population refuses to confront.

…the odour – AND WOMEN’S FARTS SMELL WORSE THAN MEN’S – may impair cabin service and thus the quality of life aboard the aircraft.

So there. Science says it’s so.


  1. Years ago, I did hear one of my sisters come out with this jewel (do not know if this gem had been around prior to, or even now as I can’t recall hearing it used)..

    ‘Better to fart and bear the shame, then to hold the fart and bear the pain’.

    P.S. AND I honestly can’t say whether that was said because of a She-Fart of a He-Fart.

    • My mother always blamed the cat.

      • LOL. One is as good as another, considering the subject.

        The hero or heroine is the one that says: “Here, pull my finger”., then rips one..

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  3. Reblogged this on et cetera* and commented:
    ‘Better to fart and bear the shame, then to hold the fart and bear the pain’.

    • According to the experts it’s also not advisable to light ’em up. Which is fine by me.
      The idea of a planeload of passengers leaning sideways together to flick their Bics…

  4. Especially if they are ignitable.

  5. Pretty serious stuff here. 🙂
    Facts on Farts

    • A top quality find there, sir.
      “Is it true that some people never fart?”
      “No, not if they’re alive. People even fart shortly after death.”
      So, does that mean you CAN take it with you?

      • Well sure. But that eliminates cremation as an option, you know..BOOM!

        OMG! Crematorium vanished.

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