Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 15, 2013

Other People’s Pictures: February 2013.

Moving this month, with uneven steps, from the soldierly to the grotesque.

War photos from Afghanistan, taken by Armoured Photography.



Not much about life in The Great South Land has made me happy in recent years. One bright spot has been the rise of non-government groups supporting our defence forces. Ocean Sky and Khaki has been a great help in the business of sending parcels to those fighting abroad. And now there are two more names joining OSK under Supporting the Troops: Soldier On, whose patron is VC winner Mark Donaldson, and Wounded Heroes.

Armoured Photography is a one-man operation based in Adelaide. He’s a Digger himself, and aiming to raise money by selling the photographs he took in Afghanistan. At this stage his online presence is limited to a page at Facebook, but AP has hopes of producing a book featuring his best work. All the best to him and the other outfits. Australians have always wanted to help the men and women in uniform, I believe, but simply didn’t know where to start.


Last month’s OPP featured an Ian Bowden portrait of Daniel Craig as 007. Here’s Ian’s rendition of an earlier Bond.

Bowden Connery

Ian says:

Done as a demonstration of how to cartoonify a photo and as my Dad’s birthday card. Because my Dad is Sean Connery, naturally. How else would you explain the male pattern baldness, fiendish good looks and penchant for nasty Zardoz-style ‘taches?

Click on Sean to see more of Ian’s work at Flickr.

From Photo Botos – a flyaway house created by Melbourne artist Richard Baxter.


Plus a tidal apocalypse in Geneva. Well, maybe not…


Click on both pics to see them in larger and more terrifying resolutions at Photo Botos.

Not quite so terrifying, but still eerie. This is a still from Carl Dreyer’s Vampyr, featured in part 3 of my series on vampires at the flicks.

Vampyr shadow

Given its vintage Vampyr’s special effects were exceptionally well executed. The soldier’s shadow is just returning to its owner after a frolic along the riverbank with a couple of pals.

From about the same era, the world’s first ever pin-up.

Old Librarian

Obviously there were a few bugs to be ironed out. But once they got the pin-up into a bathing suit the situation improved considerably. And then eventually they swapped the old guy for a young girl…

The following pic, from Stu at Yelpar, is not so easily explained.

It's Australian for Shipping.

Stu calls it ‘the unfortunately named building’. Especially for the folks who work there. You can be sure they pronounce those three initials very very distinctly.

Word to management: ‘It’s Australian for shipping’ doesn’t help you at all.

And so the end the conclusion of this post approaches.

Mike Terry

“I’d like to thank me mam for lending me her best cocktail gown tonight – it makes you look old, Mam. Let me keep it.”

Superbowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers  - Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Everyone agreed that Steve Tyler’s sex change had gone horribly horribly wrong. But the worst, the very worst, was yet to come…


GAAAAAAHH! My eyes! My eyes!

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